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033 Song of Solomon 6


Today we would be looking at the the Songs of Solomon chapter 6

Song of songs is a book of the Bible you come across at wedding ceremonies.  A phase from this book is almost incorporated into church wedding ceremonies.

The book describes the joy and mutuality, beauty and power, agony and ecstasy of human sexual love. It speaks of marriage as it ought to be – 

The setting of the Song of Solomon gives recognition to wedded love. It  declares the sacredness of the marital relationship and that marriage is a God–given institution. It  shows us what real love is. It talks of its beauty, power, agony, ecstasy and its eternal quality of true love. 

Today we see a lot of sexualization which many people seem to think is good but knows little about true love.

This book depicts the beautiful intimacy of marital love between a man and a woman from courtship to marriage. And allegorical the communion of Jesus Christ- the Redeemer and the individual believer. 

The whole of the book of Song of Solomon is a song. A poem. 

In this study, the tools we would use for this study are 

  1. Who, What, When, Where, and How tool
  2. What does it mean? 
  3. How does it apply to me today?

So let’s dig in and turn the bible to the Song of Solomon of chapter six

Who, What, When, Where, and How tool

The poetry continues between the lover, the beloved, with the presence of others like the daughters of Jerusalem and friends.

The lover knows the whereabout of the beloved

The beloved pays compliments and admiration to the lover

The song or poetry shows a mutual delight between the couple. This mutual delight is not secret but known to friends and the daughters of Jerusalem.

The song or poetry setting is in the country.

Using the – What does it mean tool? 

This book is a book of songs. And the intention of this chapter is to celebrate the physical beauty of their marriage partner and make known the couples mutula delight to all.

The Couple

It is about romantic love between a marriage partner, a lover and his beloved. the preference of the lover above all which is vitally important in marriage that the spouse is preferred above all others in the whole wide world.

A knowing of each other’s interests and the whereabout of the other spouse. There is a oneness in their relationship between the lover and the beloved.

I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine which is one of the popular quotes we hear from songs of Solomon signifying the importance of oneness in marriage. A unification of two people to become one in purpose, life and everything else.


Allelogirally: this chapter also shows the singularity of the Chirstian faith. The individual christian, oneness in their christian walk

The  individual christian, that is following Christ the redeemer  has to have a oneness with Christ the redeemer. The  individual christian cannot follow Christ half heartedly, meaning cannot follow Christ  and  follow another religion at the same time. Which links to the very first commandments God gave in Exodus 20:3 You shall have no other gods before me.

There is a oneness and a preference above all, which brings to mind saying that all who must follow Jesus Christ the redeemer must be ready to leave else behind and follow him

Matthew 16: 24: Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.

How does it apply to me today?

Though a romantic poem, there lesson to be drawn out for us today. The lessons are

The importance of oneness and preference in the marriage union. 

The importance of private and public declaration of the mutual delight of the married couple.

The singleness of purpose and heart of my and your christian journey to Christ Jesus.

Am I and are you following Christ and Christ alone?

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