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019 Jonah_Chapter_2


God is merciful, giving Jonah an opportunity to repent.

Passages  in this episode are Jonah : 2

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2 thoughts on “019 Jonah_Chapter_2

  1. God is merciful by giving Jonah another chance to repent.
    We should always make use of every opportunity to repent of every known sins because God is merciful.
    However, we should not take the mercy and forgiveness of God for granted by committing sins always even when we can avoid it.
    Let us endeavour to always be holy, be obedient and live to pleased God always unlike Jonah.
    God bless you as you live for Jesus always

  2. I’m a firm believer of quality at first. He could have avoided the smelly belly of a fish by just going to where he was sent😂

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