Every word of God proves true

In all circumstances let our confidence and the sense of our achievement be in God. May we never lose hope and faith in Him. Amen

Do not disrespect your parent. Despising and mocking of parents has a negative repercussion

Things that amaze people:

  • Eagles glides through the sky
  • Snake slither on a rock
  • Ship navigates the ocean
  • A man loves a woman

Things that people find difficult to endure

  •  A slave becomes a king
  •  Overbearing fool who prospers
  • A bitter woman who finally gets a husband
  • A servant girl who supplants her mistress

Usually Wise things

  • Ants are not strong, but they stores up food in the summer.
  • Hyraxes are not powerful but make homes among the rock
  • Locust has no king, but they march in formation
  • Lizards can be catch easily but found in kings’ palaces

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Things that walk with stately strut

  • The lion
  • The rooster
  • The male goat
  • A king as he leads his army

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